Archived County Council Agenda
Note: County Council meets every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Richland County Council

Regular Session

February 4, 2003

6:00 p.m.

Call to Order - Honorable Bernice G. Scott, Presiding

Invocation - Honorable Paul Livingston

Pledge of Allegiance - Honorable Paul Livingston

Adoption of Agenda

Citizen’s Input

Report of County Attorney for Executive Session Items

Approval of Minutes

Regular Session: January 21, 2003 [Pages 2-7]

Report of County Administrator

Open/Close Public Hearing Items

Approval of Consent Items
1.C., 1.D., 1.E., 1.F., 2.A., 2.B., 2.C., 2.D., 3.A., 3.B.

1. Second Reading Items

a. 03-15MA
Pearle Ackah
RS-2 to C-3
Unspecified Commercial
238 Rabon Road W. Flora Drive [Pages 8-10]

b. 03-16MA
Pearle Ackah
RS-2 to C-3
Unspecified Commercial
236 Rabon Road W. of Flora Drive [Pages 11-13]

c. 03-18MA
Eric Dressler
D-1 to C-3
General Commercial
Broad River Road Near Kennerly Road
[Consent] [Pages 14-16]

d. 03-20MA
Lake Carolina Development Corp.
PUD-2 to amended PUD-2
Expanding the Existing TND Area
Southeast Corner of Lake Carolina
Project [Consent] [Pages 17-20]

e. 03-24MA
Mack Blanchard & Bryan Clifton
D-1 to RS-3
Zero lot line single-family subdivision
Lykes Lane & Bob Dorn Road [Consent]
[Pages 21-25]

f. 03-25MA
Nick Xanthakos
RG-2 to C-3
Car Dealership
Two Notch Road & Risley Road [Consent]
[Pages 26-28]

2. Report of Development and Services Committee [Page 29]

a. Gateway Detention Pond/Quitclaim [Consent]

b. Gateway Drainage Easement [Consent]

c. Ordinance Amendment: Quit Claim Deeds in the Olympia Community [Consent]

d. Broad River Heights Sanitary Sewer Project [Consent]

3. Report of Administration and Services Committee [Page 30]

a. EMS Equipment Grant [Consent]

b. Sheriff’s Department Vehicle Lease Purchase [Consent]

4. Report of Rules and Appointments Committee [Page 31-32]

I. Notification of Vacancies

a. Notification of vacancies on Employee Grievance Committee-2

b. Notification of vacancies on the Library Board of Trustees-1

c. Notification of vacancies on the Planning Commission-2

II. Notification of Appointments

d. Notification of appointment to the Midlands Commission on Homelessness-1 [Page 33-34]

e. Notification of appointment to the Planning Commission-1 [Pages 35-36]

f. Notification of appointment to Building Board of Adjustment and Appeals-3 [Pages 37-42]

III. Council Rules

g. Changes to Council Rules [Pages 43-45]

5. Approval of JEDA Bonds for Carolina Children’s Home [Public Hearing]
(Forwarded from Council Meeting of 12/19/02)
[Pages 46-48]

6. Citizen’s Input

7. Motion Period/Announcements

8. Adjournment