Archived Agenda

Richland County Council
Administration and Finance Committee

Anthony G. Mizzell , Chair Joan Brady Paul Livingston Kit Smith James Tuten
District 11 District 8 District 4 District 5 District 2

Tuesday, July 23, 2002, 6:00 p.m.

Richland County Council Chambers

County Administration Building

2020 Hampton Street

Call to Order

Approval of Minutes - June 25, 2002: Regular Session Meeting - (Pages 3 - 4).

Adoption of Agenda

Items for Action

A. Administration: Police Retirement - (Pages 5 - 6).

B. Treasurer's Office: Budget Amendment - (Pages 7 - 10)

C. Conservation Commission: Bond Issuance/Funding Alternatives - (Pages 11 - 12)

D. Public Safety Month Proclamation - (Pages 13 - 14)

E. Public Safety Month Resolutions - (Pages 15 - 35)*
* Resolutions for the names in italics will be sent to Council members at the Committee meeting, pending receipt of information from the respective department. Apologies for the delay.

1. Animal Care - Support of Community (Page 15)

2. Coroner's Office - Support of Community (Page 16)

3. Detention Center - Support of Community (Page 17)

a. Genita Burroughs - Corrections Supervisor of the Year
b. Captain Vivian Coley - Certified Jail Manager
c. Captain David Gundler - Certified Jail Manager
d. Captain William Refo - Certified Jail Manager

4. Emergency Services - Support of Community (Page 22)

a. Michael Byrd - EMS Director of the Year
b. Alex Dew - EMT of the Year
c. Donald Davis - Intermediate EMT of the Year
d. Sherwood Toatley - Telecommunicator of the Year

5. Public Works - Support of Community (Page 27)

6. Sheriff's Department - Support of Community (Page 28)

a. Deputy Chief Samuel Berkheimer - Law Enforce. Administrator of the Year
b. Investigator Chandra Cleveland - School Resource Officer of the Year
c. Deputy Michael Cubelli - Medal of Valor
d. Deputy Matt Ellis - Deputy of the Year
e. Deputy Jerry Hurd - Injured in the line of duty
f. Sheriff Leon Lott - Silver Scales of Justice
g. Deputy Jeanette Mazur-Taylor - Deputy of the Year
h. Deputy Woodrow Medlin - Medal of Valor
i. Deputy John Ratchford - Medal of Valor
j. Captain Marty Reeves - Officer of the Year
k. Deputy James Richardson - Deputy of the Year
l. Cpl. Ruben Santiago - Officer of the Year
m. Corporal Heidi Scott - D.A.R.E. Officer of the Year
n. Lieutenant Bill Slicer - Officer of the Year
o. Deputy Miles Weaver - Injured in the line of duty

Items Pending Analysis

There are no items for this section.

Items for Discussion / Information

There are no items for this section.


Staffed by Pam Davis


I. Items for Action

A. EMS: Grant Award - (Pages 2 - 3)

Staffed by Pam Davis