Posted Date Closing Date Type Description Status Download
10/29/20189/29/2019AlertRichland County Online Bidding ActiveDownload
11/28/201812/28/2018AlertAddendum 1 RC-128-B-2019 Family Court Svc Counter ActiveDownload
12/3/201812/24/2018AlertNotice of No Award RC-122-B-2019 On-Call GuardrailActiveDownload
12/18/201812/28/2018AlertRC-134-B-2019-Manhole Repair Addendum 001 ActiveDownload
Qualified Contractor Listing
Posted Date Closing Date Type Description Status Download
12/1/20171/1/2020Qualified Contractor ListingsRC-024-Q-2018 South Carolina Attorneys ActiveDownload
1/4/201812/31/2019Qualified Contractor ListingsRC-040-Q-2018 Property Appraisers for HMGP BuyoutsActiveDownload
1/12/201812/12/2019Qualified Contractor ListingsRC-027-Q-2018 Buyout Demo & Restore to Green SpacActiveDownload
3/20/20183/20/2019Qualified Contractor ListingsRC-033-Q-2018 Asbestos Testing, Monitoring ClearanActiveDownload
3/20/20182/20/2019Qualified Contractor ListingsRC-006-Q-2018 Unsafe Housing Demolition Services ActiveDownload
11/14/20188/31/2022Qualified Contractor ListingsOn-Call Engineering Services for RC Utilities ActiveDownload
11/19/20181/21/2019Qualified Contractor ListingsOwner Occupied Rehabs ActiveDownload
Bid Tabulation
Posted Date Closing Date Type Description Status Download
11/26/201812/26/2018Bid TabulationRC-104-B-2019 CDBG Res Rebuild 1228 Tolliver St ActiveDownload
12/11/20181/11/2019Bid TabulationRC-130-B-2019 Water Line Extension Bid Tab ActiveDownload
Notice of Intent to Award
Posted Date Closing Date Type Description Status Download
12/14/20181/14/2019Notice of Intent to AwardPDT-767-IFB-2019 Pedestrian Impr 2 Intent to AwardActiveDownload
12/14/20181/14/2019Notice of Intent to AwardPDT-276-IFB-2019 Clemson Rd Wide Intent to Award ActiveDownload
12/14/20181/14/2019Notice of Intent to AwardPDT-768-IFB-2019 Candlewood NIP 3 Intent to Award ActiveDownload